David’s Projects

David Miln Smith is a multi-faceted entrepreneur.  Few others, if any, have the wide variety, diversity and longevity of athletic adventures in the most exotic and sacred places on the planet.

Most athletes and adventurers hone specific skills to high level excellence.  While confidence comes from skill, courage comes from learning to manage fear in first-time experiences.  Smith has faced that kind of fear.  He’s literally put his life on the line, many times, and along the way become an authority on managing fear and overcoming self-imposed limits.

The Second Wind Project

The Biggest Winner Lives the Longest. The intent of this program is to get the reader/participant on the path to lifestyle change to achieve better health while learning strategies that promote quality of life and longevity. Beginning in 2011, the largest generation in American history began to move onto the list of Social Security and Medicare. It is time to confront the inertia, head in the sand attitudes and action toward aging and the structural changes in both health care education that have kept us in a Medical Never-Never Land or to be precise – the private preserve of the medical community, insurance companies and lawyers.


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Scout for the Boomers

A scout explores and searches an area to obtain new and relevant information and the right direction. A scout observes and gathers information to evaluate. A scout is a watchman and lookout. A scout goes ahead. He goes out into the unknown and returns with new and valuable information so the group can make more informed decisions. David Miln Smith’s life is a vital reminder that life is not a spectator sport. 

Take a Risk

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