David Miln Smith, The Man of Adventure

Motivational Speaker, Explorer, and Author

David Miln Smith is a multi-faceted entrepreneur.  Few others, if any, have the wide variety, diversity and longevity of athletic adventures in the most exotic and sacred places on the planet.

Most athletes and adventurers hone specific skills to high level excellence.  While confidence comes from skill, courage comes from learning to manage fear in first-time experiences.  Smith has faced that kind of fear.  He’s literally put his life on the line, many times, and along the way become an authority on managing fear and overcoming self-imposed limits.

Dr. David Miln Smith has traveled to more places than most of us even know exist. He is one of those natural explorers who not only spin yarns of exotic foreign places but also connects them with internal truths. For those who hear him speak or read his books, he can stretch their mind in new directions.

~ Doris Lee McCoy, Ph.D. from America’s New Vision: Our Leaders Point the Way – A Glimpse of the Future By Over 100 of America’s Leaders, which includes contributions from Hillary Clinton, Buzz Aldrin, Steve Forbes, Sandra Day O’Connor, Walter Cronkite and George & Barbara Bush.

The Speaker

Motivational speaking comes naturally to David Miln Smith. His lack of inhibition and sense of humor, coupled with his remarkable real-life experiences, never fails to captivate and inspire audiences.  Enthusiasm overflows as he describes his personal metamorphosis from unfulfilled businessman to professional adventurer.  Smith presents guidance and insights about overcoming fear and self- imposed limits.  Audiences return to their organizations with courage and confidence, ready to take action.


A Selection of David Smith’s Clients


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The Pioneer of Adventure Sports

The Mystic Tarzan

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The Super Hippie and the Peace Pentathlon

The Father of Extreme Sports

Sunshine Superman

California Smith

The Last of the Great Adventurers

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The Risk Taker

Risk taking is invaluable as an everyday tactic, not just an occasional strategy. Today’s business environment is like perpetual white-water. Navigating rapids of change requires risk oriented management skills. David teaches how to convert the fear of change from an enemy to an ally, and reframes risk from aversion to excitement.

Take a Risk

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