David Miln Smith, The Adventurer

My ambition doing new, novel, and impossible adventures was tremendous. My passion was to travel the world interfacing with people, creating a team with locals, cultures, sacred places doing extreme adventures, and breaking barriers. My thirst was an exploration into the unknown to learn from experience.

My life’s work was its own reward. I looked forward with passion, enthusiasm, and stimulation to take on the challenges. The quest to discover became my mantra. I use danger and impossible tasks as my allies.

Incessant travel gave birth to a knowledge of the unity of the world other than my little world at home. Treat each other with compassion, acceptance, appreciation and respect.

My life’s work is to create, design, guide and tailor to individual needs doable adventure events which allows us to tap inner resources in order to discover just how wonderful life really is and how we can do whatever it is we want when we commit our mind, body and spirit.

Adventures for the average person to experience extraordinary feelings of joy and personal best. My adventures are designed as a cross-cultural tool to touch people, places and things in exotic, foreign, historic venues.

The Real Most Interesting Man In The World

A real-life “Indiana Jones,” David Miln Smith is internationally renowned for taking on world-class physical and intellectual challenges. Trailblazer and innovator, he explores what is beyond social, psychological and physical horizons and provides a map to new uncharted territories. A master storyteller, Dr. Smith weaves from his own experiences to guide, motivate, inspire, and one of the biggest pluses, to entertain from tales of kayaking the Nile, of being the first person to swim from Africa to Europe, of solo trekking over the highest Atlas Mountains and of marathoning through the Sahara Desert.

Take a Risk

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“David Smith is unique.   Of all the superb athletes I’ve met, none has combined fitness with imagination in quite so impressive a manner.”

Robert F. Jones, Senior Writer, Sports Illustrated – Cover Story May 11, 1970

Swimming from Africa to Europe

September 1st, 2016|0 Comments

Was there a swim that had never been done? Africa to Europe. I was wearing only a swimsuit and bathing cap and according to the contest rules of the English Channel Swimming Association one must clear the water by three paces on each end of the swim. I would be [...]

Marathon Over the Kyber Pass

September 1st, 2016|Comments Off on Marathon Over the Kyber Pass

July 1979 "Just remember, there’s a bullet behind every rock,” warned a Pakistani colonel when he heard of my plans to run the length of the Khyber Pass. It’s funny how words go  unheeded. I was in New York. The Khyber was still 10,000 miles away. In Islamabad, I  got a [...]

The Amazon

September 1st, 2016|Comments Off on The Amazon

Early one morning I was quietly paddling my dugout canoe through one of the tributaries to the Amazon when I came across a man on the bank aiming a blowgun towards the upper branches of a tall tree. I invited this colorful, feather-clad man to join me in my boat. [...]

The Nile

September 1st, 2016|Comments Off on The Nile

The Whire Nile flows north from its origin in Lake Victoria in the Tanzania-Kenya-Uganda conjunction. The Blue Nile flows out of Lake Tana in Ethiopia. The rivers become the Nile at the wedding of the waters at Khartoum, Sudan. From an early age, looking at the pictures in National Geographic [...]

Freedom Over Fear

September 1st, 2016|Comments Off on Freedom Over Fear

Wednesday, October 17, 2001 September 11th hit me hard. It was only the commitment I’d made to teach a “Life Skills” class to ex-cons in San Francisco the next day that snapped me out of it. I uncurled from a fetal position, holding photos of my family next to my [...]

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David the Author

The Speaker

Motivational speaking comes naturally to David Miln Smith. His lack of inhibition and sense of humor, coupled with his remarkable real-life experiences, never fails to captivate and inspire audiences.  Enthusiasm overflows as he describes his personal metamorphosis from unfulfilled businessman to professional adventurer.  Smith presents guidance and insights about overcoming fear and self- imposed limits.  Audiences return to their organizations with courage and confidence, ready to take action.


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