See What Clients are Saying about Hearing David Speak…

“. . . nothing but positive feedback and inspiration.”

– Mensa Conference Director   Stephanie Thornton

This man inspired the whole movement – he is the original adventure athlete. Smith burst on the national scene in a way that inspired millions to take a fresh look at the concepts of adventure and personal challenge.

Matt Niswonger. Adventure Sports Journal

Dr. David Miln Smith has traveled to more places than most of us even know exist. He is one of those natural explorers who not only spin yarns of exotic foreign places but also connects them with internal truths. For those who hear him speak or read his books, he can stretch their mind in new directions.

~ Doris Lee McCoy, Ph.D. from America’s New Vision: Our Leaders Point the Way – A Glimpse of the Future By Over 100 of America’s Leaders, which includes contributions from Hillary Clinton, Buzz Aldrin, Steve Forbes, Sandra Day O’Connor, Walter Cronkite and George & Barbara Bush.

Motivation Man! The man who made fear his friend.

~ Jody Brady, Good News Magazine

Our team is more of a team because of you. That’s why this is the fifth time we have used you.

~ Manager, Special Services, IBM

A message of strength, endurance, a can-do attitude.

~ VP Human Resources, Knight-Ridder

…how seamlessly you integrated our key messages into your speech.

~ Director, Marketing Programs, CacheFlow

Your message has already impacted our results, which are 50% greater over last month…how seamlessly you integrated our key messages into your speech.

~ VP Sales, Pacific Bell

You were everything we had hoped for in a speaker… Not only were you riveting, but you were also accessible in a way most speakers are not.

~ VP National Sales, Resumix

“Your dramatic entrances immediately captured our sales force’s attention. After capturing it, you never let go. I have never seen them so attentive.”

~ VP National Sales, Abbott Laboratories

As a result of meeting with you, we have radically changed some fundamental ways we interact departmentally.

~ VP Operations, American Home Improvement

Your presentation and the value of your message…was the best we have ever witnessed. You were more than an entertaining speaker; you were part of our team.

~ VP Marketing, Batesville

Your strong emphasis on the alignment of behavior with values is a powerful heuristic for breakthrough in the joint domain of team building and team learning.

~ Chairman Leadership Academy, Stanford University

The best two days I have spent in my ten year career with Pacific Bell.

~ Sales Director, Pacific Bell

Your session was the best part of the conference.

~ Senior Manager, Royal Bank of Canada

Your presentation was the highlight of our meeting!

~ Sales and Marketing, MedImmune

“David uses his adventures to excite and inspire you to feel in control and take charge.”

– Good News Magazine, Editor

“You have made an everlasting impact on our group with your action packed stories and the way you linked them to our business challenges.”

– Ericsson, Communications Director

“After listening to David, I felt excited to put new ideas to work.”
– Hewlett Packard, Participant
“Your presentation hit home with our Agent from youngest to the most senior.”
– Northwestern Mutual Life, Director
“What a jewel he turned out to be. He related to our people and they related to him. Dr.David Smith made us look good.”
– Provident Mutual
“Fabulous! The best ever! More importantly everyone took away a feeling of team spirit and motivation to accept new challenges.”
– Information Resources Inc
“I do hope the you add “dancing with my wife” to your athletic accomplishments.”
– Coca-Cola, Timothy J. Haas, President and CEO
“David is just what we needed to change the mindset of our division presidents in a difficult economic climate.”
– Fleming Companies, Robert Stauth, CEO
“You were fabulous. The stories the students wrote about you are so good you need to read them.”
– Cabrillo College, Brad Kava, Journalism Professor
“David Smith made me feel young again. I’m ready to take on any challenge.”
– United Van Lines, Regional Director
“I have worked with many keynote speaker, but few have been as enjoyable and rewarding to work with as you.”
– CIGNA, Marketing Director
“He was incredibly engaging with our residents.”
– Brookdale, Amy Lathrop, Director of Resident Programs