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Catching a Second Wind for Change – Risk & Reward

Change dominates the workplace from suport and sales to top producers and executive management. Reengineering and effective risk-taking are serious business because complacency is dangerous to business health. Resistance to change stifles profits and paralyzes innovative strategies. David takes the mythology out of risk taking and directly addresses fear as an organization learning disability.

Playing it safe… the status quo…  mediocrity… leads to boredom, depression and dis-ease. Taking action requires greater confidence, self-knowledge and courage.

Overcoming Obstacles – Taking Action

“Life is not a spectator sport.”

  • Re-frame risk as a positive force for enhanced creatiity and performance
  • How to bridge the spirit of adventure with the workplace
  • How to get the courage to leverage insights, innovation, and design thinking
  • Empower to embrace decision, risk and uncertainty for competitive advantage
  • Why resting on your laurels can turn to boredom
  • Overcome fear, ignite joy
  • Systemic risk taking procedures

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I   D E S I R E

A Framework for Transforming Change into Adventure… an algorithm for calculated risk taking








Inspiration moves you into the unknown of your aspiration, goal or dream; the idea must be expressed in action for the goal to materialize.

Date Setting of your commitment into reality; may be scheduled as a series of mirco events achieved on multiple dates.

Extent of Magnitude of best and worst scenarios; assessed to determine what skills you need to be successful.

Skills Identified and practiced generate control; disciplined preparation supports learning of skills and behaviors.

Information prevents false beliefs from entering the unknown; assume nothing; gather as much data as possible about the target, environment, and people involved.

Resolution is when the risk is taken – the experience arrives, the moment the truth is revealed; you reap the rewards.

Evaluation of what worked, what didn’t, what was learned the cycle is complete when you integrate the wisdom of experience.

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