Scout for the Boomers

A scout explores and searches an area to obtain new and relevant information and the right direction.

A scout observes and gathers information to evaluate.

A scout is a watchman and lookout.

A scout goes ahead.

He goes out into the unknown and returns with new and valuable information so the group can make more informed decisions.

David Miln Smith’s life is a vital reminder that life is not a spectator sport.  His thirty-year career as an adventurer of high outdoor pursuit includes being the first man to swim from Africa to Europe, trekking the Sahara solo, running a marathon through the Khyber pass, and kayaking 2,000 miles down the Nile.

In an Olympic year, he invented his own one-man Olympiad with ten outdoor events that challenged him to his highest levels of endurance, strength, and courage. He has sat with Indian mystics and holy men in their Himalayan caves, and jumped into the Mayan Well of Sacrifice.

Because he has literally put his life on the line, he’s an authority on managing fear, overcoming self-imposed limits, and recognizing the creative, transforming potential of a crisis situation.

He is the author of numerous articles and three books, HEALING JOURNEY: Odyssey of an Uncommon Athlete, The East/West Exercise Book, and HUG THE MONSTER: How to Embrace Your Fears and Live Your Dreams.  He has been featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated, Tri Athlete, New York Sunday Magazine, Signature, Running Times, Good Times