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Speaker, Author, and Adventure Athlete

David Miln Smith (born October 17, 1938) is a speaker and adventure athlete. He was the first man to swim from Africa to Europe across the Strait of Gibraltar, which he did twice, first in 1966, and again in 1967. He made a name for himself in the 1960s and 1970s with a series of extreme and international multi-sports events, such as “Everyman’s Olympics” and the “Peace Pentathlon.” The latter got him on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1970, where he was dubbed “Super Hippie.” Throughout the next few decades, he wrote books on yoga and health, and was the recurrent guest adventurer on television shows such as Johnny Carson‘s Tonight Show.Johnny Carson said, “He travels around the world doing all the things you want to do.” The Today Show called him “the King of the Risk Takers”.


David the Speaker

Motivational speaking comes naturally to David Miln Smith. His lack of inhibition and sense of humor, coupled with his remarkable real-life experiences, never fails to captivate and inspire audiences.  Enthusiasm overflows as he describes his personal metamorphosis from unfulfilled businessman to professional adventurer.  Smith presents guidance and insights about overcoming fear and self- imposed limits. Audiences are wild about the real life Indiana Jones, David Miln Smith. King of the Risk Takers, David believes that life is not a spectator sport.

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David’s Mission Statement

Perception drives my behavior.
Reality seeking is my spiritual path.
Scientific evidence is my spiritual law.
World History through scholars creates the story.
Ecology is consistent with my religion.
Integrity is my intention.
Nature is my wonder.
Creating health and happiness is my mission.

My ambition doing new and novel adventures was tremendous. My passion was to travel the world interfacing with people, creating a team with locals, cultures, sacred places doing extreme adventures, and breaking barriers. My thirst was an exploration into the unknown to learn from experience.

My life’s work was its own reward. I looked forward with passion, enthusiasm, and stimulation to take on the challenges. The quest to discover became my mantra.

Incessant travel gave birth to a knowledge of the unity of the world other than my little world at home. Treat each other with compassion, acceptance, appreciation and respect.

David the Author

David Miln Smith’s books have been published in multiple languages and his book Hug The Monster has become a bestseller in the U.K. As an integral part of his published works, he draws from his miraculous, intense, many times “first ever” experiences to create guides to fitness, health, motivation, and risk taking.

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