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David Miln Smith Honored with Hall of Merit Award
David Miln Smith, Ph.D.
“This man inspired the whole movement - he’s the original adventure athlete.”
   - Matt Niswonger, Adventure Sports Journal
Motivation Man!  The man who made fear his friend.
           - Jody Brady, Good News Magazine
A master storyteller, David speaks from a lifetime of adventure to entertain, teach, motivate, and inspire . . . leaving his audiences revved up, prepared with tactics for handling risk - and excited to meet their challenges with courage and confidence.  
David Speaks On:
1) Risk & Reward
2) Team-building
3) Quality of Life, Quantity of Years
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Sneak Peek at David’s upcoming film!
Second Wind:
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David  joined the ranks of fellow Washington
High alums Maya Angelou, Danny Glover,
Johnny Mathis and Lee Ann Meriwether in
receiving The Hall of Merit for his
outstanding achievements in exploration
and humanitarian deeds.